In our Public Relations practice, we believe that PR is both an art and a science. The Science bit comes in the practice because we believe in basing our PR arguments and activities on scientifically proven data, data that is attained through research. As our slogan states, we give our clients Researched Intelligence. It is in this line that we have a research department. Since its inception, the company has grown to have a full-time research specialist’s team and project managers as well as many other well-trained and experienced research assistants to meet the growing demand for accurate and timely information solutions. Inclusive, is a team of 5 key technical personnel drawn from a wide range of backgrounds, with an emphasis on strong educational qualifications enhanced by experience and exposure to a wide variety of consumer, industry, business and social research fields.

o We specialize in Social and Market Research.ket related research.

o Qualitative and quantitative research methods - Avant Communications Limited undertakes studies relating to behaviour change, attitudes and behaviour assessment, program assessment, customer satisfaction surveys, needs assessment studies, and market related research.



Social Research

Public Policy Analysis and Governance Research.
Behavioral and Attitude Change Studies
Pre and Post Intervention Studies
Hypothesis Testing
Monitoring and Evaluation
Opinion surveys
KAP( Knowledge Attitude & Perception studies)
Impact Assessment and Monitoring
Baseline Studies
Mid Term Reviews
EOPs-End of Project Reviews
Data Processing and Analysis

Media Research

Radio Today
A qualitative study on radio Listenership
A quest to unravel the whys of radio.
Media Surveys
Feasibilities Studies

Advertising & Branding

Consumer Usage and Attitude Surveys
Advertising awareness/ Recall/ Impact
Advertising concept testing & screening
Brand Awareness/ Trial/usage
Brand Equity /Image
Brand switching


Customer Loyalty( Mystery Shopping)
Exit Surveys
Brand Loyalty
Employee Satisfaction surveys

Product Development

Pricing studies
Product Concept evaluation
Product testing
Packaging tests

Marketing & Sales

Market segmentation
Name Evaluation
Product/Service user profiling
Consumer Purchasing behavior
Market Entry studies
Feasibility Studies