Media Monitoring and Analysis will help you know your impact in the industry and what the general public (through the eye of the media), is saying or not saying; about you, your competitors, your stakeholders, and your industry.
This media intelligence will be helpful in identifying, designing and executing your strategies, branding, rebranding, positioning your brand, among others.
We provide a deep and detailed media analysis of each situation, with a detailed audience analysis, audience figures, the publicity value attained, and any other aspects to suit your needs.
We have the capacity to monitor over 30 radio stations, all television stations in Kenya, all social media platforms and all print newspapers and publications in Kenya, with a capacity to increase the numbers on a need to need basis.


Social Media

According to the ICT Sector Statistics Report for the last quarter of 2014, Kenya has over 26.1 million internet users. Of these, four million people engage on social media daily. Most of these are in Nairobi which has 74% on Twitter and the Diaspora being the next largest base with 11%.

Blogs and social channels have provided a great opportunity for brands to disseminate their message, and at the same time have created a new challenge in controlling that message. Monitoring brand mentions on social is absolutely essential in a world with a 24-hour news cycle and PR disasters that go viral before management can get ahead of the message.

We offer comprehensive social media coverage—and new resources are added constantly. Submit the Twitter handles and RSS feeds you’re interested in to ensure you cover all your relevant content without being overwhelmed by the volume of irrelevant conversations. Consumer-generated content is available from a wide variety of sources, including:

  • Blogs
  • Comments
  • Microblogs (e.g. Twitter)
  • Social-networking sites (e.g. Facebook)
  • Social-photo sites (e.g. Flickr)
  • Social-video sites (e.g. YouTube)
  • Forums
  • Review sites


Print Media

Avant Communications Limited monitors leading newspapers, business magazines and newswires from around East Africa.

EA print media coverage is comprehensive, and includes each of the largest daily newspapers. This includes, but not limited to, abstracts and full-text records from:

  • The Nation Media Group line of publications (KE, UG, and TZ)
  • Standard Media Group line of publications (KE, UG, and TZ)
  • Royal Media line of publications (KE, UG, and TZ)
  • Media Max line of publications (KE, UG, and TZ)
  • Radio Africa Group line of publications (KE, UG, and TZ)
  • Trade, business and scholastic journals
  • Leading Magazines

Other regional newspapers and publications


Internet News

Avant Communication Company monitors results from thousands of online news and information sources collected in real-time across the globe, in multiple languages. Breaking news coverage is available within minutes of publication. Online news content is collected from an expansive list of sources, including:

  • Premium international and regional publications
  • Corporate and government press pages
  • Industry trade journals
  • Focused niche publications

We ensure that our methodologies meet the criteria of media monitoring which are reliability and validity, through employing scientific research methods that are tested and tried.


Video Clips

You can request us to provide you with any video clip that was aired on any Television station or social media platform, either in the news, as an advert, editorial opinion,  as a promo, as a gaming property, or featured anywhere in the programming lineup. We deliver this in real time and in high video quality.



We record over 30 radio stations in Kenya.

We provide audio clips to suit your demands. Could be adverts on radio, your competitors’ media strategies, news, promos, presenter talks, interviews,  call ins in any radio station, specific programmes, editorial opinions, mentions of your brand, and clip aired on radio even in the past, among others.

We Track 

  • Publicity campaigns for organizations and its competitors
  • Publicity strategies for your organization and match it against competitors’
  • How the media and your stake holders are responding to your products/ services
  • The social trends in your industry
  • Tailor make a product to suit your needs

Our Analysis

We don’t just monitor. Our experts analyze the data scientifically by putting it up against a number of factors to find out:


  • The media type: Basically the carrier of your information, was it print media, social media, radio, television, etc
  • The scope: The geographical reach of the media data, e.g. the news was read or heard by people across how many counties, towns, regions?
  • Share of command: How much command the media carrier of your story has in the region.
  • Share of voice: How much media attention your organization or its products/ services get in your industry.
  • Placement: In what page was the story placed? Was it in bold, italics,? In electronic, was it in the main or sub bulletins? Was it the lead story, editorial, mid news, last, a mention, radio presenter mention, topic of discussion? What value did you gain or lose?
  • Engagement: We measure the nature and extent of audience engagement through measuring number of call ins into radio stations, TV stations, messages send to the media, letters to the editor, interactions on social media, link-backs, tweets, retweets, blog posts, etc
  • Media circulation/ audience share: The number of copies that reached the public, the number of people that read the publication, the number of people that listen or watch the media channel, the number of people that follow, comment, share, subscribe to the social media channel.
  • Media treatment: This is the trend of how the media is handling this specific story or have handled similar stories in the past. Is it a follow up, a onetime story that is likely to die soon, possibility of other media picking it up.
  • Message fidelity: An assessment of the message that you intended to send to the public, against the message that was presented to the same public.