Our Adverts Production Process is consultative and the client is kept updated throughout the process.

We have a Creative team which sits down with the client, agrees on various concepts, ideas and aspects the client wants incorporated into an advertising campaign. The creative team then undertakes a brainstorming session to come up with a number of concepts that best bring out the agreed upon ideas.
The creative team then meets the client to discuss the various concepts and agree on one or an agreeable combination of concepts. Once in agreement, our creative team drafts the scripts, and develops the entire storyboard for the advert on the various channel agreed upon, e.g. Radio, TV, Print, Online or outdoor advertising. The scripts are presented to the client for editing and approval.
Once agreed, we conduct a casting session. The proposed cast is presented to the client for approval and then we factor, plan and organize the logistics of the production are, e.g. location, weather, availability, source for the costumes and prop, acquire necessary permits etc.
The production is done within the agreed time and budget limits and the first cut presented to the client for comments and further editing. The final advert is presented to the client for approval and flagging before any media buying process is undertaken.